Frequently Asked Questions

What demographics do you serve?

We serve clients who live in Cornwall, Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, and Akwesasne. Our clients are of all ages and body types. Whether you are an elite athlete or a sedentary individual, we can help! We can also work with patients with complex medical backgrounds, and patients with neurological, cardiovascular, and respiratory conditions. 

Can physiotherapy be covered by my private insurance?

This will depend on your individual plan with your insurance provider. We will provide you with receipts to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Do i need a doctors referral to see a physiotherapist?

You do not need a doctors referral, unless it is required by your private insurance to get reimbursed for treatment.

What locations can you treat me at?

Most of our clients choose to get treated in their home. But, we can treat you wherever is most convenient for you. Therefore, we can treat at retirement homes, offices, and in schools. Our clinic is fully equipped and 100% portable. As long as the space is safe; whatever you have available, however small, can be made to work. 

Can I arrange for you to visit someone else?

Many of our patients have their physiotherapy arranged by someone else. If it is more convenient for you to have your appointments arranged by a loved one or someone you trust, we can have all details regarding the appointment done online or over the phone with consent from the patient. We can keep a credit card on file so that no payment has to be exchanged at the appointment. 

How do I modify or cancel an existing appointment?

If you wish to modify or cancel an existing appointment, please let your physiotherapist know at a prior appointment with as much of notice as possible. If you need to make a last minute cancellation, please do so by logging in to your account  and choosing the cancelation feature beside the appropriate appointment. Then, email In-home Therapeutics to notify us. Your physiotherapist will reach out to you to reschedule.