In home physio in Cornwall

The movement journey that starts in your own home

In-home Physiotherapy in Cornwall

A mobile physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic that serves you in the comfort of your own home

In-home Therapeutics is a physiotherapy clinic that provides first-class physiotherapy and rehabilitation services in the comfort of your own home. Whether you are house-bound due to an injury, are unable to drive, or simply feel more comfortable in the comfort of your own walls, we bring our clinic to you. We are a safe, professional, and effective portable physiotherapy clinic


Why choose in-home physiotherapy?

home physio
in-home physio

Undivided attention- when you choose us, you are choosing to spend 45 minutes to one hour, 1-on-1 with our physiotherapist.

Ease- save time and effort not having to worry about finding a ride, road conditions, parking, or commuting time.



Effectiveness- studies suggest that exercises taught at home can actually be more effective than in  a clinic


Increased control- we put you back in control of your health care. You choose the time and location of your appointment.


Cost effective- we offer competitive pricing options, and receipts for insurance reimbursement


So grateful to have been able to work with Jenny after a knee surgery. Jenny is professional, personable, and super knowledgeable. Her care was tailored directly to my needs and helped me return quickly to full functionality. Having physio in my home made it much easier to engage in the full treatment and meet my goals for recovery. I highly recommend Jenny!

 I was referred to Jenny Lee by my brother who was previously treated by her. The in-home service is unique and convenient, but what really stood out in this experience compared to some of my previous experiences in physiotherapy was that the therapist really took the time to help me understand the problem I was having with my foot and worked with me on a realistic treatment plan. For example, she initially recommended certain taping techniques to relieve some pain when I walk, but when I told her that I was unlikely to comply on a regular basis she shifted gears and we came up with a treatment plan that I can stick with. I would highly recommend the service.

I had been putting off going to Physio for my back pain for years in part because my work schedule made it hard to make an appointment at a traditional clinic. In-home Therapeutics gave me the convenience and flexibility I needed so that I could get treated at home during my lunch hour (I work from home) and gave my no excuse for continuing to live pain. Not to mention Jenny was professional and knowledgeable and really took the time to explain what was going on and how she planned on helping. Highly Recommend!

In-home Physiotherapy in Cornwall, Brockville, Alexandria